The tour takes place in Lake Arenal. It is entered through the dock of
the town El Fósforo, in the Castle of Peñas Blancas. 

Each client
arrives on their own vehicle. 


1 hour and a half approximately.


Hydration (water), equipment, energy bars, life jacket, guide,
photography and videos as a courtesy as long as photos can be

1 hour and a half approximately.

The client must be 30 minutes before the assigned time for an
introductory talk and preparation. 

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El Fósforo, Castillo, Fortuna, San Carlos, San José Province. Costa Rica, El Castillo El Fósforo

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Terms and Conditions

Policies and conditions: 1. The company has used the best materials on the market to carry out this activity and the equipment presents a safety guarantee, such is the case of life jackets, floats and bicycles. 2. Every day; before the tour, an inspection of the entire floating bike system is carried out. The guides are highly trained and certified to manage the groups and maintain the safety of the group. 3. The guides are the only ones authorized to handle the equipment at all times. Visitors must not manipulate the equipment, in case of any irregularity, they must inform the guide immediately (loose equipment, very tight, high or low, etc.). 4. The company has a civil liability policy. 5. Under any circumstances will the company assume the responsibility in case of accidents caused by disobedience to safety rules. 6. The maximum weight per person for the tour is 120 kilograms or 264 pounds. 7. The use of loose sandals is not recommended, if you are going to use it you should tie them. You are informed that your feet will get wet when getting on and off the bike, therefore we suggest you to bring extra shoes. 8. In case of torrential rain, electrical storm and / or strong wind, the tour will be suspended and will be rescheduled to another available date, the money is not refundable. All purchases are final. 9. In the case of children, the recommended age to carry out the tour alone is 10 years old or a height of 1.35 meters. Those responsible or in charge must sign the separate formula with the information of the under-age and be with them during the tour. 10. The tour is not allowed for women who are pregnant or people with a recent surgery. 11. As part of the harmful effects caused by smoking on health and nature, the environmental and social responsibility of WATER BIKE TOURS, SMOKING IS PROHIBITED during the tour or while you are at the starting or ending place of the tour. 12. It is prohibited to throw garbage at the starting point, the route or the end of the tour. We ask you to deposit it in the corresponding containers that we have for recycling or ordinary garbage. 13. People under the influence of drugs or intoxicated will not be able to take the tour. In case of knowing that any person is under any of these effects or states, WATER BIKE TOURS is in the power to suspend the tour and there will be no refund of money. 14. In order to change the date and / or time of the tour, it will only be for medical reasons or force majeure, and you must present some certified proof that justifies the change. A single change will be made with a minimum notice of 24 hours. 15. Once the tour is paid if you decide not to attend, abandon it or any other reason the money will not be refunded. 16. Out of respect for the other clients who arrive on time to take the tour, we cannot wait for the people that are not at the tour start time, and you lose the right to reschedule it or return money. 17. Before the tour starts, the guides will give a talk explaining how the tour should be done (position to get on the bike, as well as the way of pedaling and braking), instructions must be followed correctly. Otherwise, the tour will be suspended for not complying with the basic safety rules. 18. By completing and submitting the online form called "Medical Form" I understand all the specifications established in it, declaring that I am fully aware of the possible risks and dangers that may arise in this activity and I agree to carry it out. 19. Both for the Water Bike tour or any other purchased through us, you have to be half an hour before the time, in case people do not arrive at the indicated time, it will proceed as NO Show that indicates that they did not show up and You will not have the right to make any type of claim for money back and if the client wants to run it at another time it will depend on the availability that is had for that day and a penalty will be charged.

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